Shadows of Kemet-dur

Fire and Ice

Erevrin meets Marz


I was just approaching the giant stone doors of what I assumed to be the final chamber in the dungeon, when the ground shook beneath my feet. I was not alone. As I opened the door my last thought was to complete the mission so that my companions’ deaths would not be in vain. The earth shook again, this time much more intensely and I gazed upon the room. Four giant braziers glowed red, white, green and blue surrounding a giant stone golem slowly rotating around a central pedestal. Through the legs of the rotating statue a fifth light burned bright and spoke out, “show yourself!”. I casted ghost sound on the giant golem and managed to fool my adversary long enough to get into a favourable combat position. As I looked upon the fire elementalist I knew it would be no easy encounter. A fiery passion drove his every move and I knew I couldn’t reason with him, I had to put out his flame.


Two icy bolts struck out from my hands, the first missing, but the second hitting its mark. His feet encased in ice to the floor, I attempted to extract as much information as possible, he was looking for the same artifact as I. Contemplating my next move, a fiery burst came from across the room and he was standing there, he was a flame jumper. As this happened elemental minions jumped out from their respective fires and joined the fight. Out from my tome appeared a 5-foot tall hand made of pure arcane ice and it dug its claws around the flame controller. Shortly after the floor at my feet was set a blaze and again he jumped directly behind me. As he was winding up his fire bolt, I quickly fey stepped behind the blue fire and cooled off.


Then the earth shook even more violently then before as the stone golem took form and rose to its feet. Meanwhile my conjuration was on the move as it caught up to the fire mage and again grabbed him and started draining the fire of life from his body. The golem noticed the giant hand and its victim first as it slowly made its way towards the battle. The claw held its grip with one of the tightest holds it has ever had it was a critical hit and all of sudden the fire was put out. His limp body still in the grasp of the hand and now I had to focus my attention to the larger problem. My hand dropped the dead body and grabbed one of the golem’s massive stone legs. He moved towards me and quickly entangled my legs with roots and started to conjure a tornado around me I was knocked prone and heavily damaged. As a distraction my ice warrior took to battle, along with my claw still clinging to the stone shin. At that moment I realized I would not survive alone, I had my mage hand perform minor heals on the unconscious sorcerer, but nothing was working. The claw still grabbing, the ice warrior still fighting, the storm getting stronger and more of my blood spilling on to the floor, it was time too make a play.

I took a second wind, buying me enough time to get my barrings and think of a plan. I saw the red flame blazing from across the room and ordered my hand to disengage from the golem, it moved over to the body, picked it up and placed it in the red flame brazier. The spark of life was put back into the genesai and he joined the fight.As I finally got off my feet, the tornado swept me way and threw me across the room. I was caught between a rock and an even bigger rock but the golem was starting to crumble and I had to push through the pain. My warrior fought valiantly but was crushed under the foot of the giant. The statue then extracted the blue and red flames and replaced them with the green and white ones, he was countering our abilities. Fire and ice against the giant golem, if it weren’t for such thick and strong stone the fight would have been over long ago but the elemental power from the red and blue flames were resisting all of our efforts to slay the beast.

All of sudden the roof started to leak water and the floor began to ooze lava. The golem was all over me, blasting steam in my face as the lava got more and more intense. I managed to frost over the lava around me and stop the roof from potentially drowning us in. Then from one final magic missile to the chest, the golem fell, unfortunately it fell right on top of me. I was not pinned and I managed to get a glimpse of where the artifact had landed, but now it was a foot race. I climbed out from the rumble only to be hit with a blast a fire, putting me on the brink of death. I had to think quickly, I conjured an exact replica of the artifact and offered it in agreement for my life, it fooled him (of course) and I put my plan into action. I got my mage hand to retrieve the artifact and just before he had a chance to finish me off, a wall of fog filled the area. Blocking the line of sight, I managed to sneak out towards the door. He decided to chase but I had already been through this part of the dungeon and he hadn’t.


I got away with the artifact and more importantly my life. I’m worried that if we meet in the future, I may not be so lucky.



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