Shadows of Kemet-dur

An Oddity in the Porcelain Cask

First Report

Well, it’s yellow. This item is incredibly intriguing, and at best all I can come up with to tell Grobnak is that it is yellow. This is infuriatingly difficult to describe. I should probably continue this report to Grobnak; however this object intrigues me so.
He sent me to this land approximately two weeks ago, on a quest to acquire a specific item. I was told very little about the item, other than the fact that it appears to be like a doll, and is supposed to resemble some form of waterfowl, whatever they are. I was also told it would be in some type of large porcelain cask. This object doesn’t even look like anything from the Shadowfell. What purpose could it serve?
The method of acquiring this object was quite simple actually. I was sent through a portal to a world filled with all manner of human folk. I quickly found my way to a local bazaar, in the hopes of finding information about this item I was looking to acquire. Luckily, Grobnak had seen fit to teach me the language that was used in these parts. He had called it Jurmann, I think. All I know is that it is a rather angry sounding language. As I passed a man attempting to purchase a large gold amulet with several small pieces of paper (a rip-off, if you ask me), I saw a depiction of the item I was looking for.
It was small.
It was yellow, with hints of orange.
It was a supposedly ancient artifact that looked quite new.
As Grobnak had taught me to say: Bingo.
I inquired about the depiction, and luckily I was directed to go to a large hall called a museum, and to ask about it there.

Before I left the 9th Bastion, Grobnak told me that I was to acquire this item, and return it to the man who would succeed him in his position as commander of the 9th Bastion, a man by the name of Grimnaul. Wherever do they find these names? Grobnak also told me that this item was not to be dropped. I wonder why? I suppose at this point I should go look at this “museum”, and drop by tonight to acquire it. I shall report more as it happens.
As the darkness wills,
Zahar Novka’i



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