Ness Kheymoss

Mortal servant of the Dark One


Ness Kheymoss is a Shadar-Kai Invoker from the plane of death and decay, Shadowfell.


It is the will of the Dark One, Ness. Our actions are encouraged by her law

Ness was born into a highly industrialized city, Neca. Ness’ parents were extremely wealthy. the Shadowfell crawls with disease and their empire dominated the sale of medicinal goods. Neca thrived off the Kheymoss family. Their wealth influenced law, overpowering even the government. Frequently the Kheymoss family was accused of barbaric and cruel acts. The poor suffered in disease if they could not afford medicine. Quite often the sick would gather money from friends and family to pay the toll of pharmaceuticals. One evening Ness questioned the morality of his parent’s empire. Upon asking his parents they replied: “it is the will of the Dark One to accept death”. As a worshiper of the Raven Queen himself, he knew his parents’ actions were based on a perversion of the truth. He rebutted: “The Raven Queen teaches us to accept death, yes, but not to encourage it!” Ness grew more agitated with his parents’ empire over time. Children panhandled in streets looking for money and medicine. As the terror went on Ness had enough. His parents meant nothing to him anymore. At midnight Ness took a match to the Kheymoss mansion and fled the city.


Ness ran east, he didn’t know where he was going but he was confident that he could survive. Ness attempted to find a city that would accept him, somewhere peaceful and harmonious. Ness traveled and traveled and accepted that he would never find a place that isn’t ruled by greed or malicious intents. Ness lost hope. He stood atop mount Seli and prepared to end himself. Standing above a cliff, he kicked the dirt below him and jumped-


No idea why a guy like him would kick his own bucket. Riches of wealth beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, must’ve had everything he could have ever wanted…

Ness saw visions, the Dark One herself! The falling sensation continued. He dreamed of blackness and ice, desolation and prosperity. The visions faded and Ness saw a Sun brighter than ever. He was blinded, then knocked unconscious. Ness awoke in a world he had never seen before. Ness found himself in another plane.

Ness took refuge in a rented cabin along a long stretch of dirt road and payed rent by hunting the surrounding wilds. Such work was easy for one familiar with the arts of divine magic. The contrast from being a wealthy heir of billionaires was extreme. He caught his own food, cleaned his own house—and he liked it. The simplicity was pleasant. His life was as he desired back in Neca, peaceful and quiet. But Ness knew he was being ignorant. He knew that he could have something more and put his skills to some use rather than rotting away in a cabin. He remembered the tears and screams of the people in Neca and knew that running would not silence them or any other screams of terror. A life of hunting hogs and badgers would be no threat, but also no reward. Ness heard a knock on his door…

Ness Kheymoss

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