Erevrin Valedar

The Witty and UnNerved Eladrin Summoner


A tall, slender and pale creature stands before you. His hair white as the mountain tips of the high north and it flows like a river flows from a glacier. Deep, dark and mysterious blue eyes sum you up and down looking for weakness, and perhaps more importantly, strengths. Pale and shiny complexion from chin to forehead and an expression that seems deep in thought slowly glides forward. Draped in frosty blue and white robes, the closer he approaches the colder the wind around you seems to get. An ice-layered tome firmly held in his left hand while various hand gestures coming from his right. He speaks the arcane language of conjuration and before you even get the chance to draw your sword, Erevrin Valedar adds another cold body to his repertoire.



Hailing from the frosty peaks of Cendraine within the Fey wild, I was taught the mystery, savagery, and danger of pure elemental nature. At a young age I was compelled and intrigued by the magical properties dwelling in the ice, so I learned. My childhood consisted of countless hours studying, reading, experimenting and practicing the art of conjuration and summoning.

Soon I was noticed by a society that held my ‘talents’ in high regard. They inducted me into the Ice Fellowship after I took part in the ancient tradition of being “marked”. To this day I have the symbol of the 5 peaked ice mountains inscribed over my left shoulder blade. It is cold to the touch and glows with arcane power. After ranking up through the Fellowship I quickly toned my skills, became more powerful and gained status within the society and Cendraine. Then it happened, the tragedy that wiped out all but five of us in the fellowship.

Now I walk between the Fey and the Mundane world recruiting, scouting and surviving as one of the last Ice Brothers in the Realms.


After the heroic quest to free Kryonax (a story for another day), I traveled as quickly as possible to Cendraine. With the tear of Kryonax I was able to stop the ancient glacier from slowly melting my people’s homes and save the ancient city. As a reward I was named hero of the Fey wild and received one of the highest honors in all the planes, The Heroic Medallion. Grateful for their saved city, the patrons of Cendraine revered me and bestowed upon me my own Arcane laboratory. I was just getting settled in when I loud thud came from the door….

Erevrin Valedar

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