Hot-headed Fire Elementalist.

Marrz is a Firesoul Genasi. Being a creature of Elemental origins, his physical features are a manifestation of the powers that formed him. His ruddy bronze skin is lined with the burning energy lines individual to every Genasi. His eyes have no pupils, but they burn as if they were coals from a blacksmith’s forge. He has no hair, but the energy lines at the top of his head explode into a magical expression of elemental fire. His tall, lean frame seems to struggle to maintain the fire within him. He gives off a dim glow of light. The scent of burning wood follows him wherever he goes. He walks with a magical staff. Its fire-treated wood topped with a bright red crystal. His clothing emulates and emphasizes his fiery nature. Marrz lacks almost any sense of subtlety. He speaks loudly and fiercely, and prefers to back his words with sudden emphasis. His passionate nature often leads him into conflict with those around him. His penchant for fits of anger do nothing to help him avoid trouble. Marrz doesn’t sees this as a problem, but as an asset. He is intensely competitive and will quickly jump to any chance to prove himself. Marrz rarely accepts defeat well, but he even more rarely accepts that the competition is over. When uncontested Marrz quickly wanders off, looking for a worthy opponent rather than wanton destruction. When persistently bothered, or when someone won’t let him go his way however, he will gladly resort to violence.

Listen up everyone! On the 12th of Newseed, a fire destroyed a city guard station. Two guards and a scribe were killed in the fire. We believe it was an act of arson. The investigation into the fire revealed that a fire Genasi was being questioned in station around the time of the incident. The last account of the questioning sheds some light. Most of the pages were destroyed in the fire, but a few survived.

_"You want my name, you cowardly waste of ink? Well if you’re just going to sit there dumbly scribbling everything down then why don’t you understand the only thing you need to know about me.

I was born of fire, and if you don’t get your nose out of that dusty old fucking record book I will burn this whole damned city to the ground.

I don’t take shit from anyone. Not from you or any other damn city guard in the whole Elemental Chaos. I’ve seen charred corpses with with more brains than you sloppy fucking guardsmen. I’ve actually seen charred brains with more brains than these assholes. What? Are you still writing? You’ve got a lot of nerve, HEY!, LOOK AT ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU. STOP WRITING THIS DOWN! (yells)

Is that a smirk on your ugly face, scribe? ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME? (yells)


We believe this Genasi is related to the string of fires we’ve been seeing. Reports of fires from across the valley have helped us draw a line of travel straight here. There have been 7 fires in the past two weeks within city limits. Not a single suspected arson in any of the surrounding villages in that time. We think he’s still here.

I want two of you to look into his past. Check for accounts of all fire Genasi coming through the valley in the past month. Find his story. I want the owner of the fastest horse to head to that Genasi village, New Kilnhelm, I heard their Mayor just beat some kid’s ass in a public duel three weeks ago. Those wild fucking Genasi don’t take losing very well, if that punk survived the duel he could be our man. Is everyone clear? Goo… Holy shit! What was that?

Was that the door?


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